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Update on Village Green Foundation events:

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At the second Anniversary Breakfast, on April 25, 2018, Village Green Foundation ended its capital campaign fundraising with a small cushion. In other words, once all of the pledges currently on the books are collected, there will be sufficient funds to retire all remaining indebtedness. The Village Green Foundation, which raised the money to construct the Village Green Community Center, still has much work to do. There are donors to thank, pledges to collect, and that debt to be retired.  On August 16, Pie in the Park took another step in that direction, by raising right around $27,000!

Next year’s Pie in the Park: Thursday, August 8, 2019!  Call the Village Green at 360-297-1263 to be on a list of people interested in helping out with next year’s Pie in the Park planning.

Meantime, check out this link to great reporting on this year’s event, and for some great photos:


As stated in our May newsletter, know that if you are moved to donate to the Village Green Foundation, your gifts will be gratefully received, acknowledged, and carefully stewarded.

Go to www.kingstonvillagegreen.org for more on Village Green Foundation.