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Grand Art Gallery Exhibit January and February 2022 featuring Dianah DiSandro

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DIANAH:  Personal art story

 My love of paper, paint, pencil, and ink started when I first drew a line. As the years went by, there were few opportunities to pursue any artistic avenues as a vocation. This was farm country, the 1950s, and ’60s; the closest I came was an architectural drawing class, and I admittedly enjoyed it. Maybe it was all the boys.

I never considered being a well-known artist or painting like the masters; my endeavors went to the business world.

And here we are many years later with a collection that began decades ago.  Other than the commissioned works, the chosen subject matter told a story, and I could lose myself in the project. Therapy.

The arts cover a large spectrum; I admit to you, singing, dancing, and musical instruments are not my forte’. I do not have rhythm, can’t carry a tune, and musical instruments are out of the question. But I have just completed my second book, which will soon be available.

One of the favorite artists I enjoyed was Norman Rockwell; though his work was controversial, it was still enjoyable.  His scenes were thought-provoking and, at times, humorous.  If an artwork can make you smile, it’s worthwhile.

As you may have gathered by this point, abstract art is not my go-to place, though I have tried a few pieces.  I also have some glass art on display and have been designing personal greeting cards for years.

Please join us at the reception on Friday, January 7, for a few hours of relaxation and art enjoyment.