NOTICE: Village Green Metropolitan Park District received a tree risk assessment of the surrounding forest in January 2023. It was recommended that we remove 34 trees that are dead or dying to prevent damage to life or property. This project will be headed up by Northwest Tree Service. The project may start this week or next and take 1 to 2 weeks to complete. During this time, work areas will be marked off for safety.

In response to public comments, I am adding here that the assessment was done by Peninsula Environmental (arborist) that took the whole health of our wooded area (wildlife, creek, trails, etc.) into consideration when they made the evaluation. Not all of the trees that are dead and dying will be removed, only those that will fall on the trail or on property. All of the trees being removed are being recycled in some fashion to benefit wildlife and trail users. Also, there is a plan in place to plant more than the amount of trees being removed. It’s a multi-year project.

Please check out the public reports done by Peninsula Environmental, here: